MetaKiosk is the online repository for my various essays and articles accumulated over 5 years of Media Studies. Centered around the moving image in all its forms, the essays contained within MetaKiosk should be viewed as the work of a student attempting to:
a) Connect with the academia of Humanities and/or,
b) Provide industry analysis and/or,
c) Point to the possible future development of media forms and/or,
d) Get a passing grade.
To coin a bad metaphor, the writing you will encounter has been infused with the digital mind of a gamer, blended upon the papery prose of a literati and strained through the celluloid eyes of a cinephile. I hope this cocktail cool-aid of interests is palatable. You can contact me via the below form, or directly via metakiosk@gmail.com.
Note: More of my essays should be coming up in the coming weeks, so check back soon!


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